For those of you who know I’m writing a book about sex, get your minds out of the gutter.  When I say I’m going to bed with my work, that’s not what I mean.

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  I’m climbing into bed with my research.  Well, that doesn’t sound right either.

What I mean is that I’m so bogged down in my work that I’m finishing late at night and need to go to sleep thinking about my work so that I wake up the next day and know exactly where to start.  That means I take my notes to bed with me and read them just before going to sleep.  That’s what I did in college – go to sleep with my notes, study in my dreams, and wake up the next day to take the tests.  Then again, I didn’t do so great in undergrad.  Let’s hope it works better now.  I’m behind schedule on the rewrite.

Today, I re-edited for the gazillionith time the pages covering May 13, 2005.  That day, I met with two sex sources who have commented here, did a photo shoot during which the photographer told me about a dildo bar in San Francisco, and went to a seminar on the psychology of bondage.  I was exhausted at the end of the day … just like I am now.

Let’s hope while I dream I can figure out … zzzzzzzzzz.

  1. Angela Reply
    Ahh, Suzy sweet dreams :-). Write about the exhaustion and why it exhausted you so. Not just the sheer variety of things but the alien nature of the encounters, the culture shock so to speak. The movement of the inner to an outer reality that butted heads with your expectations, your conservative foundation and your concept of yourself. Hope that helps.
    • Suzy Reply
      My gosh, Angela! You sound exactly like my editor! Are you sure you chose the right career for you? Maybe you're really an editor or writer.
  2. Angela Reply
    I lack the formal education to obtain a job as an editor but thanks for the compliment. I do write but it is never been such a burning desire that I put forth the effort required to earn my living that way. I simply apply my experience with people to situations. I spend a great deal of my work time figuring out what is going on, why it is going on and how to modify behavior that interferes with successful outcomes. It seems to me that viewing the sex book as your journey and experiences you are, in essence, interviewing yourself via your encounters, interviews and experiences. Approach it the same way you have always handled an interview; with empathy, open mindedness, compassion and a willingness to see what motivates and attracts your subject.
    • Suzy Reply
      What great advice, Angela. I'm taking it to work with me. Thank you, again.

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