January 2013
Anne Rice

Anne Rice Talks Erotica, Part I

"When I first published The Sleeping Beauty trilogy, feminism was not all that kind to S&M erotica. ... Now we've seen a generation of fully empowered and emancipated women, and they have no hesitation about declaring their love of S&M fantasy."
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I Don’t Want To Be This Way

Do you ever say to yourself, “I don’t want to be this way”? I said that a few minutes ago. And I’m saying it to myself now … again … and again … and again … as I cope with a bit of hurt and disappointment – hurt and disappointment that in the grand scheme of life is so irrelevant but feels like rejection from the one you love dearly. Here’s why: I recently received an interview request from one of my college alumni m
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“Secret Sex Lives” Goes to the Inauguration

I think many of you know that I love it when you send me photos of you with my books. Today, I got one that I just had to share with you. Yep, Secret Sex Lives went to President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. I have the best friends and fans in the world!
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“Deadly Sins”/”Wages of Sin”

I find that a lot of people make jokes about my true crime book Wages of Sin being featured on the Investigation Discovery TV show Deadly Sins. There are just too many “sins” there not to crack a joke or a smile. And I must admit that I smirk a bit when I say that the book is the case of the Southern Baptist killer stripper — a woman who was reared a devout Southern Baptist, became a stripper, then
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