July 2013
Anthony Weiner and disgruntled school teacher

The Weiner Winner and Losers

...If women -- and I know it's not limited to sugar babies, and I also know it's not limited to women -- are willing to overlook reality in the pursuit of "power," that's sad. And it makes us all losers.
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The True Crime Toilet

“True crime is in the toilet.” That’s what I was told in 1997 when I signed my first true crime book contract. The speaker didn’t mean that true crime was swirling in the toilet bowl with … well … excrement. She meant it wasn’t selling, though certainly many people believe the genre is bathroom bowl worthy. Despite that toilet statement, my first true crime book hit the New York Times best-seller list. And since then
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Secret Sex Lives

Talking Sex — Writing, Teaching, & Dating

One thing I discovered through researching, writing, and publishing Secret Sex Lives: A Year on the Fringes of American Sexuality is that people look at me through colored lenses when I tell them I research and write about sex. I have yet to figure out if those lenses are rose-colored or black. I do know they looked black on the day a former student insisted that I go up to his hotel room to talk with him about his w
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