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“Deadly Sins”/”Wages of Sin”

I find that a lot of people make jokes about my true crime book Wages of Sin being featured on the Investigation Discovery TV show Deadly Sins. There are just too many “sins” there not to crack a joke or a smile. And I must admit that I smirk a bit when I say that the book is the case of the Southern Baptist killer stripper — a woman who was reared a devout Southern Baptist, became a stripper, then
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Stephanie Martin and “Wages of Sin”

For the past week or more, my blog has been receiving scores of page views from people searching Stephanie Martin, the killer stripper in my book Wages of Sin. For those interested parties, I want to let you know that you can find a photo album of pictures of Stephanie, as well as her co-killer Will Busenburg and their murder victim Christopher Hatton, on my Facebook author page. You can read updated information abou
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Regina, Kim, Justin and “Wasted”, Again

Apparently Investigation Discovery network has aired again the Deadly Sins episode about Regina Hartwell, Kim LeBlanc, and Justin Thomas, a love triangle that resulted in murder and was the focus of my book Wasted, because my blog is being slammed with hits due to searches for Regina and Kim. After the first airing, I promised to provide you with additional photos, which I’ve failed to do because I’ve gon
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Regina, Kim, Justin and “Wasted”

Dear Friends of Investigation Discovery:  I had no idea how many of you would be hitting my blog looking for additional information on Regina Hartwell, Kim LeBlanc, Justin Thomas and Wasted. I apologize for not updating this blog in anticipation of that. Rest assured that I will update it ASAP with photos and links to additional information. Unfortunately, I’m on deadline for my next book, Secret Sex Lives. In
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