April 2012

“Wasted”: There’s More to the Story

Since Investigation Discovery network aired its first episode of Deadly Sins and the story of Regina Hartwell, Kim LeBlanc and Justin Thomas, this blog has received well more than 10,000 page views from people searching for more information about the case. I’ve provided photographs from the case, given links to additional information, and pointed readers to an exclusive excerpt from my book about Regina, Kim, a
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“Secret Sex Lives” — The Beginning

I’m a little bit dumbfounded that I can get nostalgic about writing a book that hasn’t even been published, yet. But the other day I was glancing through some old files and came across a photograph of my previous office, the place where I began writing Secret Sex Lives: A Year on the Fringes of American Sexuality. As I stared at that old photo and was reminded of those first days of research, I got verkle
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Regina, Kim, Justin and “Wasted”, Again

Apparently Investigation Discovery network has aired again the Deadly Sins episode about Regina Hartwell, Kim LeBlanc, and Justin Thomas, a love triangle that resulted in murder and was the focus of my book Wasted, because my blog is being slammed with hits due to searches for Regina and Kim. After the first airing, I promised to provide you with additional photos, which I’ve failed to do because I’ve gon
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