For the past week or more, my blog has been receiving scores of page views from people searching Stephanie Martin, the killer stripper in my book Wages of Sin. For those interested parties, I want to let you know that you can find a photo album of pictures of Stephanie, as well as her co-killer Will Busenburg and their murder victim Christopher Hatton, on my Facebook author page.

Stephanie Martin, the killer stripper.

You can read updated information about Stephanie on my blog posts Deadly Sins”/”Wages of Sin” and “The Taint of True Crime.”

As well, you can find an excerpt from my book Wages of Sin on my website.

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Suzy Spencer is a New York Times best-selling author and journalist.
  1. Sean Reply
    She is on a website
    • Suzy Reply
      Thanks, Sean. She's been trolling for "benefactors" on such sites for years -- as far back as when I was communicating with her more than a dozen years ago.
  2. Ian Reply
    Hi Suzy, I live in Australia and recently came across an article online from one of our local magazines website about inmates and penpals. (I've also noticed a few other sites, such as a UK newspaper etc with stories concerning this recently). is one site prevalent. Whilst having a look through the site, out of curiosity, Stephanie Martin's profile was the first one that I had a look at. Using the free inmate locator to 'fill in some specifics' about why she's in, how long etc, I read that she was in for murder. With a bit of googling I came across Wages of Sin and this web page. As to any other reason as to the 'trending' I am unaware. Maybe the somewhat attractive person in the picture on has had a few views apart from myself. Anyway, might grab a copy of your book and have a read.......and not worry about writing any letters!
    • Suzy Reply
      Thank you for the information, Ian (and possibly buying the book). A while back, someone contacted me who was corresponding with Stephanie. If I recall correctly, he said Stephanie was saying she would get out soon. Just for the record, in 1997, Stephanie pleaded guilty to first degree murder and received a sentence of 50 years in prison. She will not be eligible for parole until she has served at least 25 years.
  3. Crystal Reply
    I read this book a while back and loved it. Ever since then, I've wondered what she looks like now after many years in prison. Lol And I also wonder if her family ever comes to visit her in prison or has she's just been forgotten?
  4. Suzy Reply
    Thank you, Crystal. I really appreciate your comment. If Stephanie looks anything like the photos she publishes online trolling for "benefactors," she looks pretty darned good. And I'm guessing her parents still come visit her. They didn't seem like the types to forget about her. By the way, Investigation Discovery's "Deadly Sins" has taped an episode about "Wages of Sin." It will air January 2013.
  5. Michael Reply
    No one ages well in prison. I think it's very unlikely she will make parole any time soon. The board will look at what she did, and how horrible the crime was. I don't think she get out until she turns 50. She won't be able to hurt or seduce anyone then.
  6. Zan Reply
    I knew the Martin family when they lived in Aberdeen, MS (Stephanie was then around 4 - 5 years old). Her oldest brother was one of my good friends. You are correct.... her parents would NOT just forget about her...regardless of the horrendous thing Stephanie did.
  7. Carla Reply
    Just finished watching the "Deadly Sins" episode, now I want to read the book and see what she looks like. I just can't fathom not only actually killing someone but even wanting to know what it's like to kill someone. I truly hope she NEVER makes parole....people like her scare me. Can't wait to read your book!
  8. JJ Reply
    I just watched the episode of 'Deadly Sins' on ID Network. What an evil couple, obsessed with death. *Spoiler Alert* I love the fact that his name/ss# was on the sleeping bag and that's what lead to the arrest!
  9. Kevin Riley Reply
    On Sins & Secrets episode they dont say name of it but that she works in Austins nicest toplesss bar. I worked a lot of them back from 78-89 and just wondering which one it was. Thanks, Kevin
    • Suzy Reply
      Kevin, she worked at the Yellow Rose. If you read "Wages of Sin," you'll find photos from her Yellow Rose calendar shoot and you may very well recognize some of her friends and customers who are depicted in the book.
  10. T Reply
    People make bad decisions and Stephanie is paying for her choices. Stephanie is not a terrible person. I was in a relationship with her for a few years in prison
  11. michael Reply
    Is Stephanie making any money from your book?
    • Suzy Reply
      No, Stephanie is not making any money from "Wages of Sin."

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