Justin Thomas

  1. Henry Vinson Reply
    Regina Hartwell was a nice young lady and never met a stranger.
  2. Mona White Reply
    Justin's dad Jim Thomas was a good friend of mine, we worked together in the 70's and hung out quite a bit, full of life. I was saddened by his death and the horrific crime Justin committed. I met Justin when he was about 7 years old and he would come spend the summer with Jim in Gonzales Texas our hometown. What a tragedy for all involved.
  3. Jeff Thomas Reply
    Hello my name is Jeff Thomas, Justin Thomas is my cousin. Would like to find out the prison he is in now?
    • Suzy Reply
      Justin is in San Quentin in California.
  4. thomas Reply
    Went high school with Justin and randomly googled him to send out a Facebook to see what you as going on in his life. Last time I seen him was between 89/92 some time. Never would have imagined out of all the kids he would have found himself in such a bad situation. A DUI would be about as bad his actions could cause.
    • Suzy Reply
      Sadly, he's now on California's death row.
      • thomas Reply
        I texted a few old friends in Moreno Valley just to make sure I had the correct Justin. Sadly, it seems I have the correct man.
  5. thomas Reply
    Justin may stay in prison for life, for the killing in Texas, and more, in Texas. But for the killing in CA, that was small. Sounds crazy(saying small). But, death in CA, it’s not adding up.

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