Regina Hartwell

  1. deanna vachon Reply
    Its so sad what happened to Regina! She was a very beautiful girl who clearly had a hard life. I hope Justin rots in prison!
    • Suzy Reply
      Yes, Deanna, Regina deserved better. As for Justin, the last time I saw him, he was bragging about how many female pen pals he has. He's now on death row in California.
  2. sandy Reply
    The story makes me sad for Regina. I was a few years older than her, but went to camp every summer with her in Wimberley. We both lived in Pasadena and I tried to mentor her and help her when I could. I had my own life, too. As I was getting married and going to college, she was apparently getting more and more wild and out of control in high school. Very sad because she was actually not the person I read about at all. she was hilarious!! she was giving!! she was sweet!! she actually had a vulnerable side that questioned what will I do with my life? something good! So it is sad to see what happened..."the rest of the story." I have a question though. I am not trying to be mean, and I never knew, met or even knew about kim until regina died.... but it always struck a nerve with me that Kim never got in ANY kind of trouble, had to do ANY restitution of ANY sort. She walked away, unscathed (so to speak).
  3. PEGGIE Reply
    Dear Suzy, I enjoy your books and writing and I can say that I am one of your biggest fans! As far as Stephanie Martin goes ,I finally have seen a case where the woman DOES NOT receive a lighter sentence than the man! It is infuriating to me since my step-mother shot and killed my father and walked away from it! Talk about being sensitive to any case where the murderer walks due to being female. Referring back to perhaps your most famous book, "WASTED" that b*tch (excuse my language but there is no other word) she should be sitting on Justin's lap when he gets his hot shot!!!Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, Thanks for sharing your talent with us too. Sincerely,Peggie Staples

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