Dear Friends of Investigation Discovery: 

I had no idea how many of you would be hitting my blog looking for additional information on Regina Hartwell, Kim LeBlanc, Justin Thomas and Wasted. I apologize for not updating this blog in anticipation of that.

Rest assured that I will update it ASAP with photos and links to additional information. Unfortunately, I’m on deadline for my next book, Secret Sex Lives. In the meantime, has a few more photos of Regina, Kim and Justin and an excerpt from Wasted. (Just click on the original cover of Wasted. Not the one to the right. The one at

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, go to Barnes & Noble. Amazon is sold out. Or better yet, go to your local independent bookstore. In fact, I encourage you to purchase the book from the city of the scene of the crime — at in Austin, Texas.

Again, thank you for your support.


Regina Hartwell

Regina Hartwell, not long before she was murdered

Click here to read an Austin Chronicle article about Wasted.



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