Dear Friends,

I barely got this blog going (meaning posting regularly), when I got hit with sex book deadline, teaching, freelance work, and business travel.  Forgive me, but I’m going to take a blogging hiatus for the month of June.  I know my limits.  I know I’m not a great multi-tasker.  And I know the quality of my writing here has suffered due to my inability to multi-task.  In 2005, I swore to myself that I’d work toward publishing only the best that I can write, and that includes this blog.  So … I hope to be back by Fourth of July weekend.  And when I do return, I should have some interesting news and posts. 

Have a great June!  And I’ll see you next month.


  1. Angela Reply
    Sounds like you got your priorities in order. Go forth and good writing!
    • Suzy Reply
      Thanks, Angela. Send some good vibes this way. And I'll reciprocate.

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