My blog generates frequent comments, though they’ve never shown up here.  Most often they’re posted on Facebook.  Sometimes, they arrive in one of my private email boxes.  This one came in one of my private boxes, and I asked its author if I could post it here.  She said yes. 

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And, now, here’s A Note from an Angel, my friend Angela:

Hi Suzy,

Right off the bat let me say I am not going to knock your blogs on Wasted.  I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring your site, reading your monthly musings and your confessions.  I especially liked the most recent one.  I appreciate your struggle to stay motivated, to stay sharp and energized.  I admire your high standards, your zest for investing your soul into your art and refusing to give up or compromise your goals.

I have a theory.  As men age they tend to allow life to diminish them and they sorrow over the changes that life and advancing time brings.  I will concede that some women will do the same thing but most of my age peers look at what we have accomplished, what we have built in terms of career, families, loves and we congratulate  ourselves on what we have done.  Then we turn our eyes and hearts toward the future and welcome the next adventure.

I shared my theory because I think you are, in a manner of speaking, reaching the “cronehood” of your writing career.  Now is the time to bring together all the skills you have honed, the tricks you know to keep yourself moving forward and take risks, accept challenges and know you can achieve them.  You know this because you know who you are as a writer in terms of having a solid foundation and marketable skills.  Now you are ready to plunge into the deep end and go for broke.  You could not do this earlier in your life or career.  You needed ripening.  You needed to learn to trust your instincts and learn your craft.  Be strong as only a woman can be strong.  Pooh on the men who try to discourage you because they can’t conquer you or claim you.  They view the sunset of life as a lessening.  I challenge you to view it as the strongest time of your life and career.

I hope I haven’t come off as having imbibed a beaker full of feminine power, lol.  I have only recently felt this resurgence in my personal power and I finally realized I was trying to reconcile myself to being less, which was making me miserable.  Then it dawned on me that I am not less.  I am poised to be the most actualized I have ever been and I would not have been ready for this uprising of personal power without some age and living under my belt.  My dreams are what make life worth living, my striving to challenge myself makes my blood sing and it is good to be a mature woman with goals.

So you keep kicking butt and doing the best damn writing of your life.  You are not feeling sorry for yourself.  You were taking stock and keeping yourself honest.  Writing requires honesty or it is worthless.  Your writing is good, it will be better so long as you never settle for giving up your dreams, your goals, your zest.


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